Monday, February 13, 2012

Full of Garbage!

Something I can't stand...a full garbage can!
And worse, is taking the full bag out of the can, tying 
it up and leaving it by the kitchen door,
in preparedness to trek it out to the back alley.
It's just a subconscious peeve I have.

I'll let the dust bunnies multiply under the sofa,
and the shedding kitty fur nest in the corners.
I'll even let those spindly cobs webs float down from the 
ceiling with grace. (When I notice them shimmering at night when the lights go on).

Yep, I let the bag of garbage sit.  It's been about 3 hours now, because
it snowed, and I can't find one of my snow-boots.
So I dug through the closet, and thought, "might as well get rid of that and that and that
while I'm, in the closet."
That took 45 minutes.  
And I didn't find the, now lost boot.

What's a phobia about becoming a hoarder, maniac, suppose to do?
That's how it starts isn't it. Not taking the garbage out?
Oh I'll do it later, and then another bag sits beside the first one.

I'll tell ya! Of course I will!
I run in ankle deep snow with just my skippies on.
Well, not run, because then I might slip and fall, hit my head
and no one would know! They're all inside where it's warm and dry.

You know life will stop, til I find that boot!

Just one of those days for cocoa and cinnamon toast.


Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

You are too FUNNY, Lisa!!!! So, did you find the other boot? So where is all the stuff that you pulled out of the closet?! Next to the garbage bags, ha ha ha

Do you know that Sophie chases dust bunnies . . .and we have lots of them under the couch and she paws at them!!

I needed a good laugh today and can I have some marshmallows please in my cocoa!


Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

Lol... You are hilarious, and I can relate to your garbage pet peeve!

This afternoon I had an argument with the over-stuffed garbage bag, just in time for my hubby to turn the corner in his little truck coming home from work to see my * ARSE* sticking out and up in the air.. You know why my arse was up in the air? The dag-gonned Hefty bag broke!!! I spent 5 minutes picking up yucky garbage off my soggy lawn ;) lol... that added a little spice to my day :)

I'll go for the cocoa and cinnamon toast :)


Dede said...

I am so with you Lisa on the trash has to go out now. It can not sit tied up waiting to go out. You may just be right about the hoarding thing and trash. The thought of being a hoarder scares the ever loving kageebees out of me. Hot coco sounds wonderful and the cinnamon toast I haven't had in years.