Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Black OlIve, Night!!! And Why Dinner is Late!

I'll tell ya, why dinner is late!
 It's because of a can opener!
It's probably why, we have late suppers!
Mind you, it's only 7:30 pm...
and I could have grilled this, flank steak an hour ago...
but, and I say But!
I couldn't open a can of Olives!
I couldn't open anything with my can opener!
If there are no black olives to eat with the flank steak...
Well, no one eats!
Which, brings me to, # 1!
# 1, refers to my first Grandson.
His Mom, used to be # 1...Ha!
(Summer Photo)
Wesley, likes, black olives! He always has.
Maybe it was because I'd put the olives on my fingers...!
When he was little! 
Always, teaching bad habits!

You could open a can of them, and he'd have them 
eaten in a flash...don't count on adding them to your condiment plate!
Just saying!

My Can opener wouldn't cut tonight!

I am not, advertising California Olives, though they are the best in
my opinion.
(I'd love to get a case of them)!

I, was cursing... how did they open cans in the 1800s?

I remember my husband showing me a can opener
he was issued in the army...Gawd how using a knife and a hammer!
He still has it, but it would take a day and 1/2 for him to find it.

Really, I can use a regular can opener... and I did!
and don't ya think it looks like a star?
Well, kinda'!
but you can't tell by my photos!

I am Starving!
..I was going to slice this flank steak 
and wrap it in  a corn tortilla with cheese and 
onions and peppers...?
Looks like I only have 5 tortillas left!
Some one isn't getting seconds tonight!
But I will!
Because I'm the cook!
yum!!! but no guacamole!!!

sliced avocado, lime, salt and pepper...and don't open that jar of hot peppers!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Okay, Kids...

Soups On!!!

I was in the mood for Chinese Noodle Soup!
But of course, I didn't have all the traditional ingredients,
but really, that's the beauty of soup, you make it up as you go!
I simmered one thigh in 3 cups of water, with salt and pepper.
I took the thigh out to cool, and added cabbage, carrots, a 
bit of thyme and mushrooms. But the kicker...peanut sauce!

I had two turkey thighs, one for soup and one to bake!

I marinated the baked thigh in olive oil, fresh garlic, thyme and lime juice.
I left the skin on...I know, I know!
It cooked slow, and as the skin got crispy, I added a 1/2 cup of water,
to braise the pan, then I added portabella mushrooms!
Oh Yum!!!!

Here's to a Great New Year!