Sunday, January 1, 2012

Okay, Kids...

Soups On!!!

I was in the mood for Chinese Noodle Soup!
But of course, I didn't have all the traditional ingredients,
but really, that's the beauty of soup, you make it up as you go!
I simmered one thigh in 3 cups of water, with salt and pepper.
I took the thigh out to cool, and added cabbage, carrots, a 
bit of thyme and mushrooms. But the kicker...peanut sauce!

I had two turkey thighs, one for soup and one to bake!

I marinated the baked thigh in olive oil, fresh garlic, thyme and lime juice.
I left the skin on...I know, I know!
It cooked slow, and as the skin got crispy, I added a 1/2 cup of water,
to braise the pan, then I added portabella mushrooms!
Oh Yum!!!!

Here's to a Great New Year! 

1 comment:

June said...

Oh my does this sound y-u-m-m-y Lisa!!! I have got to quit reading friends blogs at night, because when you show something yummy I want to raid the frig before bed---not good ;)
Have an awesome Friday!
hugs from me...