Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What's Cooking...

This was, last night!
Linguini and Clam Sauce!
I didn't have linguini so I had to use
Spaghetti, not the same but still good.

I start with olive oil and fresh chopped garlic,
and cook over low heat til the garlic starts to infuse
with the oil.
Then I add about a tablespoon of butter.
(the real stuff).
As the butter starts to melt I add fresh copped parsley,
not much, again, enough to meld the flavors together.
This is the base, I use.
Then just open a can of chopped clams, juice and all,
and dump it in the mix of garlic and oil.
Depending on how much sauce you want you can add
a bottle of clam juice...makes more, in case someone 
happens to stay for dinner! 

I let this simmer for about 1/2hr. and add grated Romano cheese
and let that simmer down, on low heat,

I start cooking the pasta...you can also add the water from the pasta
to the sauce, again, this melds flavors.
Sometimes I add hot pepper flakes, most of the time not.

Fill the bowl with pasta, 
add a little salt and pepper,
grated cheese and parsley,
and you're ready to eat.
 Oh, and maybe a glass of wine!
Do ya remember the dresser and chair I showed in a previous post?

this is the finished piece.  It was black, and I liked it black,
but the customer wanted white. 
and the finished chair.
You can get an idea, of the room she's going for.
I don't have photos of the foot stool, but it matches the chair.

I made the sign for her after she saw the one I have hanging outside,
so this customer was a happy camper, when she picked everything up,
and she fit it all in the back of her SUV!

I've got tons to do!

Be well!

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Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Oh, yummmmy, I'll bring the wine!!

Ohh, la, la, love everything but that chair, love it!!!!!