Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Diamonds in the Rough!

But Treasures To me!

A few weeks ago, I was driving home from my daughters
house and spotted and old beat up wicker rocker on the
side of the road.  Now I knew the rocker was garbage,
but this, I was after.

I know, it's not a diamond, but it is to me!

Then the sewing machine, I've had it for years, but
it was just stored away, passed around,used
for an entry table, moved from one spot to another, 
because it was, well just in the way, so I started taking it apart,
I could use the iron legs for something else...!
It still has the thread in it, old and dusty.
Yet beautiful in it's passing stage!

How many dresses were stitched with this needle?
It's a diamond to me!

Then I was driving by one of the local second hand shops, and
spotted this in the window!

I wanted it!
I walked in and checked it out.
It was heavy and solid...it was an Ethan Allen piece,
and I figured I'd be paying a hefty price.
Just because a brick landed on it during a tornado, so what!
The crack doesn't go through the seat all the way, and anyway, 
I could fix it, 
it's a diamond in the rough!

Now I'm going to make some cushions,
and live happily ever after.

Yes I am!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's time for Wine, because...

of  this!
it's only a little mess, and I knew it would be,
because, we, Mr. Honey and I, live in
an old house. 
When we first bought it, I ripped the kitchen walls 
off...plaster and lathe, and insulated. 
Now it's been awhile, but I remember the two by fours had 
horizontal 2x4s staggered up between the beam, (back then,... I was told,
 fire wall safety.)
 Well, now that Mr. Honey,
decided to install a light fixture to light up the steps outside,
(which we needed), all hell broke loose.
An Electrician by trade, (oh yes, Union labor) and he knows what he's doing,
he casually asks, "do you remember where the cross beams are?"
Well hell, Richard, that's been what?  15 years?
I know what the drill is when an electrician has to run cable. 
He complicates things by trying to find the beams.
Just cut a hole in the wall and look!
Really what's the big deal, you know your grunt worker will
follow behind and do the clean up!
(that would be me)!
And since I don't mind patching drywall, (to me it's like icing a cake or sculpting!)
I have to tell him to go ahead, like he needs my permission, he was going to
do it anyway!

Hole # 5, you don't see the ones
at the floor!
(not counting  the little holes from poking the
awl  into the wall at various points)!
really, this stuff doesn't bother me,
I live with the Electrician!
And honestly, I'd rather keep him off a ladder,
because he moans and groans so much afterwards.
Oh, okay, about the Wine?
It was greatly appreciated.