Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Down I go...Step by Step

To the Dark, Dungeon of  damp.
It is time to take control of the long forgotten 
Basement.  Mainly because I was tired of 
fighting wispy cobwebs, and to clean out a very
neglected corner of the basement.
I have two windows in the corner foundation wall, and small 
spidery cracks have led to...well,
 bigger spider cracks.
Which let in moisture,  producing a powdery 
white decaying mold! Over the ugly mustard
yellow paint that was so popular
when 100 year old
homes were built.  I know there were other colors back then, so why would anyone 
choose this color?

As I toss things, my Husband hasn't used in years,
and sneak the boxes of rotted and rusted, THINGS past him
on the way out to the garbage, I hear, "Whats in the box"!
Of all times for him not to be
sitting in front of the TV, watching Syfi!
I say, "it's garbage, what do you think it is?"
But he has to look anyway, even though I 
camouflaged the pile of junk with swept up wood shavings and
lots of dusty crap that tends to collect on dungeon floors.
To avoid an argument, I let him take out the stuff he wants to keep.
I'll get rid of it all later.
I will!

Back to the corner!
My objective was to clear off a primitive homemade 
work table, that came with the house.
You know, one of those lop-sided tables made with
scraps of left over pieces of wood.

Obviously someone else s husband  couldn't throw stuff out
100 years ago, either.
But anyway, when I turned the table over, to clean
out all the cobwebs before I started to demo,
I found this,

painted on one of the boards!
I wonder about the history of 
who started this hand-painted sign,
if it was for a real circus coming to town,
or if the children in the neighborhood,
were going to put on a show!

I haven't decided if I want to hang it or make a bench.
But it will have to wait, because I really should be cleaning, 
upstairs. The part of the house that everyone sees.

Cobwebs everywhere!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Playing with Photoshop...

and having a blast!
I played with this photo,
This is the original, and this
is how I finished!
Not to bad for someone who was afraid of photoshop! I took, Kim Klassen's
Skinnymini class, and I learned so much!
Have to conquer those fears ya know, and carry on!
I can't wait to work on another photo, but I have to
finish the chairs!
The rip down has been slow going.
Because, it was done right, the old way,
And so many nails and staples!
Still ugly, though uh!
Once this process is finished it's all down hill!

Onward Ho!
Have a great week and create!