Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Down I go...Step by Step

To the Dark, Dungeon of  damp.
It is time to take control of the long forgotten 
Basement.  Mainly because I was tired of 
fighting wispy cobwebs, and to clean out a very
neglected corner of the basement.
I have two windows in the corner foundation wall, and small 
spidery cracks have led to...well,
 bigger spider cracks.
Which let in moisture,  producing a powdery 
white decaying mold! Over the ugly mustard
yellow paint that was so popular
when 100 year old
homes were built.  I know there were other colors back then, so why would anyone 
choose this color?

As I toss things, my Husband hasn't used in years,
and sneak the boxes of rotted and rusted, THINGS past him
on the way out to the garbage, I hear, "Whats in the box"!
Of all times for him not to be
sitting in front of the TV, watching Syfi!
I say, "it's garbage, what do you think it is?"
But he has to look anyway, even though I 
camouflaged the pile of junk with swept up wood shavings and
lots of dusty crap that tends to collect on dungeon floors.
To avoid an argument, I let him take out the stuff he wants to keep.
I'll get rid of it all later.
I will!

Back to the corner!
My objective was to clear off a primitive homemade 
work table, that came with the house.
You know, one of those lop-sided tables made with
scraps of left over pieces of wood.

Obviously someone else s husband  couldn't throw stuff out
100 years ago, either.
But anyway, when I turned the table over, to clean
out all the cobwebs before I started to demo,
I found this,

painted on one of the boards!
I wonder about the history of 
who started this hand-painted sign,
if it was for a real circus coming to town,
or if the children in the neighborhood,
were going to put on a show!

I haven't decided if I want to hang it or make a bench.
But it will have to wait, because I really should be cleaning, 
upstairs. The part of the house that everyone sees.

Cobwebs everywhere!


Cobblestone Creations said...

How cool is that! Hey ~ when you're done in your basement wanna come over and help me throw out my husband's junk too?

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

Wow...awesome find Lisa! I love when a nasty job turns into a true treasure hunt bingo!!
ps...I got me one of those basements too, a true dungeon!!

Maggie said...

What a score! I wish I had a 100-year-old basement. I don't even have a basement - or an attic =^(