Friday, August 5, 2011

It ain't over the Septic tank!

I have my own green oasis out back.
But it's not over the Septic tank!
In fact, I don't even have a septic tank!

But look how green my little valley is!
The crepe myrtle in full bloom,
behind the dogwood tree!
And the sweet scent of climbing wild Clematis!
I usually pull it off the fence, but when I saw that
it's hosting a banquet for all the butterflies and bees,
well, it has to stay!
At least the Blanket flowers are blooming!
The herbs are thriving, this Salad Burnett is the so good!
It tastes like fresh cut cucumbers!
This little piece of the garden gets watered daily,
so how did these not survive
the extra amount of money I spent, to water?
Purple Cone Flowers are suppose to survive, even in drought!
I purposely planted them because I knew if everything else
died off in the summer, I'd still have these!
Apparently, they would have done well over a Septic tank!

But look at all those seeds ready to drop!

I'm on my way to vacation at the beach, and I can only hope
that my youngest daughter pops in to water!
I don't want to lose my Eggplants,
after I fought so hard to keep the squirrels out!

Keep cool,
turn the sprinkler on and run through it!
Well, yes, with all your clothes on!

Be Well!


Anonymous said...

I've never heard of Salad Burnett. I'm going to have to google that one. Looks lovely even with the drought. Hope you enjoy your vacation at the beach.

Nancy said...

Your garden looks so lovely Lisa! I hope you have a wonderful, well-deserved vacation. Put your feet in the water for me!!

Talk soon,
Hugs, Nancy

priti.lisa said...

Have a great time Lisa!
Love your garden.
Love your new table (great legs)
Love you.