Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Well in this case, 
it worked!
Many Moons ago, when our furniture was all hand-me-downs,
we, ( Mr. Honey and I),  had a gawd awful dining table.
Let me rephrase that, I thought it was gawd awful!
In today s chic junk, gotta have it...pure 50's vintage!
The table was black, faux wood and Formica topped!  The saving grace,
 wrought iron legs.
Wish I had a picture to show of the original table.
Anyway, we held on to this table for over 30 years,
because it was Mr. Honey's, Grandmas table.
Okay, I can understand that, I can live with it in the basement.
When we moved, I thought it would finally go...I can live with it in the garage!
We have a two car garage, but the table was parked in #2 spot!
for 15 of those 30 years.
Now I'm not one to get rid of things so easy either,
(unless I catch a segment  of Hoarders)!
That's when the cleaning frenzy starts, and yes, I start with Mr. Honey's stuff,
which makes room for my stuff, and then, the stuff doesn't look so, cluttered.
"So, here's the deal" I say, to Mr. Honey.
"How about, I take the legs off the table, and use them for something else?"
"Okay", he says!
Wow, that was a quick easy!
(Mr. Honey, has mellowed with age).
The legs were easy to take off, they were attached the old way,
with metal, rusty pegs tapped into slots...where is W-D 40?
So here is what I did.
I took two planks of  soft pine, pegged and glued them together.
I could have made constructing easier, with  wider wood, but I already had
these planks.
I was going to paint the top, but Mr. Honey, doesn't like painted wood,
(of course he doesn't.) That little voice in my head reminds me to compromise!
So I peruse the many cans of stain I've horded, and found
Briwax, Antique Mahogany. Stain and wax in one can, easy!
And this is the finished side-board.
Nice legs, uh?

Compromise is good! 

Now, lets see if I can get Mr. Honey to go through two 
big tubs of, cords, adapters and whatcha ma call- its,
collected from all the electronics, we no longer have, 
but, might need it someday!


Sassy Marsha said...

Oh, what a fabulous makeover!!!! Loved your post!!! You made me giggle!! I can relate to many of your statements!!! My husband says the only room in the house that is his, is the garage, and not really, he has to share that with me too, LOL

Cobblestone Creations said...

LOL I'm laughing so hard right now ~ I see so much of this duplicated in my life! What is it with men and painted wood????? Must be in some handbook they all have. ;) As for Mr. Cobblestone ~ well, he's learned to not let me clean by myself ~ too much of his stuff disappears. :O

The new table is gorgeous! When you get a chance I'd LOVE to get more of a tour around your home. **gasp** Did I really ask such an impertinent question! Yes I did! :)

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

LOVE The table!!! Great compromise :)

Yeah my mr.Mac needs to go through the cords and watcha ma call its too... :)


Anonymous said...

Genius idea. The table-scape is beautiful.

Heather H. said...

Love the table... On a serious note... I REALLY do get rid of a lot of stuff after watching Hoarders. That show totally freaks me out and I want to throw out everything!!! Now every time I go some where I find myself looking at people wondering how they live at home. Crazy HUH.. I don't eat buffets either or eat at get togethers where people that you don't know bring food!!! Anyway Lisa Great Table!!!!