Monday, June 6, 2011

Time for Blooms!

I think, it's about time I kicked myself in the Arse!
And begin to Bloom again!
I have to be honest, I've let my yard go to weed!
My solution, was to dig up all the plants, and attack the
weeds in one full sweep!
Of course, that left all the pretties displaced...most are now
lined up in the back yard, waiting for new beds to spread
their roots, in lush rich soil.
I do notice the porch needs a desperate face lift!
I want to brick the floor of the porch, and replace
the lighting. And the screen doors probably need a re-do!
And after I de-crab the grass in the front...well maybe I won't!
Because then I won't have any green left!
I'm trying to save the boxwood hedge, only because it's a barrier.
But they are over 70 years it time for them to go?
One thing always leads to another,
it's the domino effect, which leads to not 
doing anything! 
So before I get overwhelmed with trying
to do it all at once, I'll go back to 
digging the flower beds and get the plants 
in before the heat totally destroys them.

This is what I do on Pearl Avenue!
Be Well!


Cobblestone Creations said...

What a darling porch! If I were closer we'd be visiting there with our lemonades ~ or would that be juleps? ;) What a great approach to the gardening and weeds ~ got a plot here that could benefit from the same treatment. lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, I came over from Wicked Faerie Queen. Things look pretty swell to me on Pearl Avenue.
I'm a new follower. Rosanne